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Original Fake Kaws Cat Teeth Bank against global crisis

French Prime Minister François Fillon said last week: “France has moved into an official recession“, and “The world was is on the edge of the abyss“. The U.S and major European countries are spending billions to save the banks from bankruptcy and governments desperately try to reassure their clients. Not to mention the billions of dollars the U.S (and many other countries…) already spent on the bottomless pit the War on Terror is. So much money and so many efforts for mistakes and bad decisions each individual will now have to pay for. No wonder why there is a strong ‘crisis of confidence’ in our political leaders and financial markets.

It seems so easy to find billions to ‘set things right’ when it is so hard to find the money to eradicate recurring diseases, hunger and poverty for hundred of millions of people. This is how the world we live in works and I don’t need to go any further in the advocacy, everyone is concerned and many questions are raising about what rules our world and why we are so vulnerable when it comes to financial speculations… I thought I would write about the Great Depression in my historical book, not on my current blog.

Strong topic and off-beat solution: I choose my Original Fake Kaws Cat Teeth Bank designed by Kaws for OriginalFake and produced by Medicom Toy as my new bank. It is orange (remember My vintage orange desk and a big Sama sticker?), limited to 400 pieces and it won’t play with my money savings in my back. This is absurd but seriously, isn’t the whole situation we are facing now absurd?

Anyway, you will find me under Nathan Jurevicius’ Treedweller, talking with some wise Sama about our crazy world…

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