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Skwak’s Maniac and Koogai are really ‘too much’

A year ago, in my post: Yes, I’m a vinyl fetishist… vinyl toys actually, I briefly mentioned Skwak and his Maniac Figure produced last year by MINDstyle; I think it is time to talk about it again.

Skwak is one of the many great french artists like Fafi and her Fafinettes, Rolito, KOA, Miss Van, 123Klan, Run, Superdeux, Tilt or Mist (his Goldorus is gorgeous!), and his unique graphic universe has a meaning: ‘too much’. Everything is exaggerated in Skwakworld but that’s how our real world is and I totally agree with that.

The World of Sama also depicts a crazy world but in a different way and that (cynical?) vision we share is what definitely made me a fan of his work. Each of his illustration is very detailed and you have to carefully look at it to get the whole story it is telling. The crazy Maniacs and the vomiting Koogaï appear on illustrations, on tshirts and also in 3D toys and plushes. I have several of them: a red Koogaï + Kitaï plush, a 3″ tall Dunny (French Series) and the 8″ tall Maniac Vinyl Figure.

Jeez, I am already a TV shows addict, but I guess I am a toys addict as well ! ^_^

• Link to: Skwak’s website.

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