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Skwak launches SNEAKYMOB lifestyle boutiques in China

I love everything French artist Skwak does. So much I have created a Skwak tag on this blog. I bought several of his toys and plushes, I downloaded his app on my iPhone, but I’m still looking for the umbrella (I don’t use umbrella but this one I might).

From Jeremy Brautman’s Blog ‘Jeremyriad’ (including picture below):

‘Partnering with Chinese entrepreneur, Tye Chen, SKWAK launched SNEAKYMOB, a pair of lifestyle boutiques in Shanghai and Chengdu […] SKWAK designed a range of graphic and character merchandise including shirts, denim, hats, housewares, textiles, furniture and there’s even colorful SNEAKYMOB wristbands…’

I’m glad for Skwak’s fans from China but what about the ones in Europe, France?

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