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Support #SudanRevolts and take action!

My interest in Sudan started with Omar-Al Bashir’s military coup in June, 1989. I was young teenager but I knew it would change the fate of Sudan and its population forever. Since then, I always kept an eye (let’s say two) on the country, doing my best to raise awareness on the situation, especially when the Darfur genocide happened, and more ... More
Les femmes libres, de Mona Eltahawy à Jocelyne Robert

Le débat sur l’article de Mona Eltahawy intitulé : Why Do They Hate Us? The real war on women is in the Middle East publié le mois dernier sur le site de Foreign Policy n’en finit pas de soulever des réactions, souvent assez inattendues. J’ai d’ailleurs organisé une discussion sur le sujet et elle a été particulièrement ... More
da-eYe : Easter Egg Head 2012!

da-eYe is a serious guy. You know him well enough now to know he doesn’t like being laughed at. But he always enjoys making jokes at someone else’s expense. So once again, it was too tempting to tease him, I couldn’t resist, really. So here is da-eYe, wearing a pink ribbon in his hair (or whatever he’s got on top of his ... More
The Maxi Monster Music Show au Palace ce soir

Voilà une soirée qui m’intéressait beaucoup mais à laquelle je ne pourrais malheureusement pas me rendre (une fois n’est pas coutume…). Mais cela reste un événement Steampunk de premier ordre je trouve, et comme vient de le rappeler l’excellent French Steampunk sur Twitter (@frenchsteampunk), c’est donc ce soir que The ... More
Rashid Mahdi, Claude Iverné and Sudanese photographs

I’ve always had a keen interest in photography, and I first wanted to be a photo journalist. I did not become one but I still like photography and I’ve samazed the French city of Trouville-Sur-Mer, a seaside resort and port on the English Channel (Calvados). New photos will be published soon. A few months ago I saw the exhibition dedicated to ... More
Les ONG maintiennent Haïti dans le sous-développement

C’est le titre pour le moins accrocheur d’un article que j’ai lu sur le site Le Congolais il y a quelques jours. Ce n’est pas la première fois que j’entends dire (même si quelque peu excessif et certainement pas exclusif) que le sous-développement actuel est en partie le résultat de l’omniprésence des ONG dans le ... More
French journalist Gilles Jacquier killed in Syria

French TV reporter Gilles Jacquier has been killed in the Syrian city of Homs; he is the first Western journalist to die since anti-regime protests erupted 10 months ago. Jacquier was an experienced war correspondent who had previously reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Israel and Kosovo and he was not working undercover, he had been authorised by ... More
2012: blissful optimism, weariness and Tech resolutions

I read again my post from last year, and honestly, I could paste it and you won’t even notice it’s from 2011… ‘Most of the people I know are celebrating, wishing everyone the best for the new year. Me too I hope everything will be better in 2011 but since we always hope the next year will be better than the previous one, it makes ... More
da-eYe is a Christmas ‘Star’ Ornament (against his will)

da-eYe is a great guy. Not only because ‘guy‘ rhymes with ‘da-eYe’  (last post on 2011, please be indulgent) but because he really is. He surely is facetious and waggish but he is also a great friend. He may not have a lot of friends but friendship is important to him; although I’m afraid his latest experience might change ... More
Quick Tweets: North Korea, Sudan, Congo, Stiglitz…

A quick round-up of the recent tweets I consider interesting sharing with you. Follow the links, articles are all must-read.   @NickKristof (Nicholas Kristof) Best recent books on North Korea are Barbara Demick’s Nothing to Envy, and also the Inpector O mysteries set inside N.K. @sudanreeves (Eric Reeves) Obstructions of humanitarian relief in ... More

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