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Website redesign for

A quick post to let you know my official website just had a complete redesign. You can find the ‘old’ sections (Bio, Designer, Writer, Photographer) and but also new and updated ones. There is also a Twitter Feed so you can follow the latest tweets from the Sama Gazette and mines. The design is clean and easy to navigate. I hope you like it. I ... More
The Sama Gazette celebrates its first year anniversary

The Sama Gazette is online for a year, and it has been a wonderful experience so far. The small team behind the Sama Team is doing an amazing job and I am proud to be one of its members. We receive many emails from many different people and different places, telling us about their interest in what we do, the topics we talk about, the campaigns we ... More
Grandmaster Flash, Seen, Jordans… Remembering the good old days!

It was the end of the 1980s and everything was going to change for me. We used to meet in the lobby of the building, the smooth floor was perfect for teenage boys (and some adventurous girls, obviously) to glide and moonwalk. They were also slipping and tripping, a boombox was jamming out hip hop music before we decide to go ‘find a wall’. At ... More
Twitter: to tweet or not to tweet?

This is indeed a very good question I am asking to myself for quite some time. When I launched this blog in 2007, I wrote in my first post: ‘One can wonder why I decided to create this blog and I’m still wondering myself. I don’t really get into blogging because I couldn’t talk about my [personal] life on a daily basis but this blog might be ... More
Voices on the Rise: Afghan Women Making the News in Paris

A few weeks ago, I have seen an exhibition at Dorothy’s Gallery in Paris titled: ‘Voices on the Rise : Afghan Women Making the News – Des voix qui portent : l’actualité par des femmes afghanes’. The exhibition was dedicated to Afghan women working towards the reconstruction of their country from all fields: journalism, art, ... More
Third anniversary already? Time passes too quickly!

This month is the Blog’s third anniversary. Everything started in April 2007 and now here we are, three years later. How is it even possible time passes so quickly, I wonder everyday. So many things to do and so little time… But this post is about what has been done during the past three years and obviously, many things changed. Last year I ... More
Owen Maseko, a Zimbabwean artist under arrest

Last week, artist Owen Maseko was arrested. I read the news on This is Zimbabwe site and since I appreciate Maseko’s work and respect his commitment, it was impossible for me not mentioning this arrest. From This is Zimbabwe site: Owen Maseko the world famous Zimbabwean artist has been arrested. His crime? He dared to be bold. Maseko opened his ... More
International Women’s Day: Ordinary Extraordinary Women

Yesterday I met with extraordinary women. It was the 100th 99th Anniversary of International Women’s Day and I was invited to talk with women coming from many different countries. There was Betti from Rwanda, Clara from Mexico, Armita from Iran and French women: Fatima, Laurence, Karima, Francesca, Caroline… All had in common a difficult life ... More
Claude Lévi-Strauss: ‘Triste disparition’…

Claude Lévi-Strauss has died last week, at 100. He was a renowned French anthropologist and ethnologist, and for many he revolutionized anthropology and sociology; his study of primitive tribes deeply modified the accepted view of primitive societies being inferior to the so-called civilized societies. Lévi-Strauss was a great thinker and an explorer, ... More
The Sama Gazette launched, new layout for

A quick post about the Sama Gazette: the News Website has officially launched and everyone can now have access to it. It has been months in the working but The Sama Team has finally tied up the loose ends on this project and has launched the Note that you can also follow the Sama Team on Twitter. I hope you will enjoy the place and the ... More

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