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A brand new World of Sama Art Website has opened

It’s online. The new World of Sama Art Website is now opened to everyone. Back in April, in my post: Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!, I granted access to regulars of this blog to the ‘under construction’ website. I hope the ‘privileged’ ones appreciated this opportunity to see some of my works that ... More
Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!

Here we are. The second blog’s anniversary. I am amazed. Truly. When I look back when this blog was launched, I wasn’t convinced of the interest of having a blog. Like I said, I am not into blogging, I am unable to write about my personal life and give personal details which are the most important component of any blog. But I must admit this ... More
Will 2009 be better or only ‘less worse’ than 2008?

Yes, I know, I am late. Well, not yet. Before writing this post, I read the one I posted last year, on December 31st 2007: Tall oaks from little acorns grow and nothing has really changed since then… I mentioned the plight in Darfur, Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, and several crisis (environment, food, economics…) threatening us. And I am afraid to ... More
Will the World of Obama ever become a reality?

Two years ago, I decided to work on a portrait of Barack Obama. At this time in France, he was barely known as the Senator of Illinois, with almost no chance to win the Democratic presidential nomination against Hillary Clinton. His portrait was part (and still is) of a series of mixed media work (photos and drawings) I started in 2006 called: U.S ... More
My Moleskine, Cary Grant, some Asti Spumante and a Goldorus

I am back from no man’s land and fully connected to the real world -again. I wish I could totally disconnect from all the bad news but it is simply impossible… Unless I lived in a cave, like a troglodyte. Anyway. I have been writing a lot those past weeks and what was once a script has become a book. I realized each scene was so detailed that it ... More
Q&A: Replies sent + Website redesign + Burma and China

When I decided (following your suggestion) to set a Q&A session for the first anniversary of this blog, I thought it could be a good idea to let you ask me ‘some’ questions. But I didn’t expect there would be so many! I hope it doesn’t sound pretentious, not that I received ten of thousands of questions, but some were kinda ... More
Today is this blog’s first anniversary — Geez!

One year from now, same day and almost same time, I was launching this blog. Like I said in my first post, I’m not very comfortable talking about me, my personal life… But I really enjoy talking about my work, my projects, my thoughts, my sources of inspiration. And I did in near 50 posts since April last year. Waow! I impress myself, I never ... More
When Gaddafi met Sarkozy: faked orgasm?

I usually don’t comment french political facts, but since this blog is about my work, projects AND thoughts, this post fits in. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is on television everyday and he is described as a workaholic. It is not a decease, it could even be a harbinger for presidential ambitions. So if you’re worried because your young boy ... More
My vintage orange desk and a big Sama sticker

The 1930s were a great time for movies and design, as well as the 1950s and the 1970s. I have several furniture and objects from the Seventies, reminding me when I was a kid (along with Abba, Star Wars, flares pants…). Everything was ‘designed’, from the Maruman table cigarettes lighter (made in Japan) to the ‘Boby’ storage ... More
Polenta, aceto balsamico, parmigiano and so much more

Summer time has come and with it, vacations for many people. Maybe it’s time for me to be more ‘epicurean‘ on this blog. Each country has great places to stay, such as two specific regions in Northern Italy (since I barely know Southern Italy -for now): Emilia-Romagna and Lombardia. First time I went there it was almost twenty years ago ... More

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