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Second time’s a charm; the second anniversary has come!

Here we are. The second blog’s anniversary. I am amazed. Truly. When I look back when this blog was launched, I wasn’t convinced of the interest of having a blog. Like I said, I am not into blogging, I am unable to write about my personal life and give personal details which are the most important component of any blog. But I must admit this site has been over the years, some kind of a laboratory where I can provide the ‘mixture’ and you give me your impression about it. I like this participative approach and it is the backbone of how this site works. This place allows me to share with you my work but also my opinions, my vision of the world we live in with sometimes desperation and some other times, great hope.

I have been pretty busy the last couple months and I couldn’t post as often as I wanted to. Not a lot of time to do it properly and I don’t want to post something only because I should, and rush it. But I regret I can’t write more because I must say I am always impressed by the many comments, whatever they say. Many of you are regulars on this blog since the beginning, I know some of you for a long time, I have met some others at my shows and there are also many other regulars who simply enjoy what I do. Some of you said they really enjoy coming to this site, for the content but also for the regulars and the friendly atmosphere. And I can say it too: I enjoy this place for the same reasons 😉

So, what is up for this third year? Many things. In no specific order: you will know more about the samacaron, the Sama Team and the World of Sama in general. I think it is time to lift the veil on some details of this still little known world. I will also give you more information about the ’60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary’ Initiative which has now been fulfilled and has been a great experience. I am also working on several new projects and I will publish one (or maybe two) ‘never-before-seen’ portraits from the new ‘Movie Stars Series’. I have so many things to share with you and I will try to do it more frequently.

This once-in-a-year post always gives me the opportunity to thank all of you, coming for Russia, Spain, United States, Congo, France, Norway, Mexico (I know I forget many other countries…). I appreciate your support and your interest in my work. This place is like our own little world but with a large range of different topics. Be assured it will stay the same although I must warn you: something is in the air in the World Of Sama, be prepared, the fourth year might surprise you!

As a foretaste, every registered member of this blog will receive an email within the next few days with a very private login/password to access a restricted area of the site. As usual, please keep what you will see for yourself, it is a glimpse to one of the project I am working on and even if it is not finished yet, I wanted to let you know about it as a ‘registered member privilege’ for this second anniversary. Enjoy! ^_^

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