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Dianne Reeves: Good vibes, and Good work

Working hard on my next exhibition (a few more days left before the big night), I needed to take a break and listen to good music, the kind that really brings your spirit somewhere else during busy days. So two days ago, while I was looking at this huge pile of CDs I have, to find something ‘new’ (actually I mean something ‘else’, other than the artists I use to listen almost everyday like Hugh ‘Peanuts’ Whalum or Dean Martin), I finally found something ‘old’. Dianne Reeves‘ album: “New Morning” (Blue Note), recorded live in the pre-eminent jazz club of Paris in 1997.

I couldn’t find this CD I had for years when I was first looking for it last year. I was then watching “Good night, and Good luck” (I mentioned the movie in this post) when I heard Dianne Reeves’ warm and deep voice. The movie recreated the 1950s aesthetic of this particular era but Dianne Reeves’ soundtrack, singing in the recording studio in short scenes throughout the movie, contributed even more to bring this moody atmosphere. “Solitude“, “TV Is The Thing This Year“, “One For My Baby“, “Pick Yourself Up” or “Straighten Up And Fly Right” are real gems. Special mention to saxophonist (and excellent arranger) Matt Catingub, for the wonderful instrumental version of “When I Fall In Love“. Dianne Reeves won a truly deserved Grammy Award in 2006 for “Best Jazz Vocal Performance” for “Good night, and Good luck” soundtrack.

So I had finally found this “New Morning” CD, I listened to it and rediscovered those beautiful songs: Dianne’s own composition about women and artistry “Endangered Species“, “Love For Sale“, “Nine” which really talk to me, “Comes Love” and an amazing version of “Summertime“. Dianne Reeves is one of the most important contemporary jazz singers, and she is the perfect incarnation of the spirits of jazz, being inspired by gospel, African and Brazilian music (bossa nova), soul, folk songs, R&B… Reeves’ songs are a world mix of influences. If you don’t know Dianne Reeves already and if you like jazz (and not exclusively ‘pure’ jazz), then you should buy one of her CD (“A Little Moonlight“, for example).

I was looking for ‘good vibes to do good work‘ (it inspired my word-play with “Good night, and Good luck” in case you hadn’t noticed), and it is exactly what I got. Now, back to work!

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