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The Sama Zone is under heavy construction!

The Sama Zone’s got to be ready for Friday and it will, despite the fact the place looks more like a battlefield than a cozy apartment… I have a free hand about what I want to do and I’m taking full advantage of the emptiness of the place (no furniture, nothing in there!) to show my works on both design and clothes.

Some of you have been wondering (yeah, I have read all your comments on the exhibition announcement post) what the show will be about, here’s a hint for those who will attend: furniture for living room (dining table and sofa chair), accessories (lamp and vase) but also sculptures (middle size, no giant this time). All theses objects have never been shown before, and are unique pieces. Paintings will of course be part of the exhibition and the new Sama Collection (mostly t-shirts) will be available to buy (it won’t be officially on sell before February 2008 though).

The apartment will soon be ‘Samazed‘ (I’m working hard on it, preparing this exhibition is so much like a major sporting event…) and the Sama Zoneis kicking, even the owner will not recognize his place. I’m currently painting the white walls, covering them with black Sama and misc stuff like stickers. There will be some surprises too, so don’t forget your rubber gloves 😉

For those who want to come to the show (don’t forget, it’s a one night exhibition), it’s not too late I guess. Register and you will receive an email with all the information about the date and place. See you on Friday!

Below, two photos from the scene, clean ones actually (don’t want to unveil too much) ^_^

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