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Martin Luther King Jr. and Obama’s election: Free at last? (2)

President Barack Obama wins a second term. Barack Obama had been re-elected and his re-election has been celebrated around the world. Even in France, Tom McGrath, president of Republicans Abroad France, says: “It’s clear that if they could vote, Europe would vote 80 per cent for Obama.” Four more years. Whether this is a good or a bad news ... More
In: Opinion
Smart Sports Bra can detect breast cancer

October 2012 is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Mammography Day was yesterday. Needless to say this article published on Mashable last week is of high interest although a bit geeky. According to the article: First Warning Systems‘ Breast Tissue Screening Bra is like a continuous monitoring system for breast cancer that could be more ... More
In: Health
Watch a water droplet bounce in ultra-slow-motion

Slow motion reveals so many things we actually don’t -can’t- see with our own eyes. Have you ever watched a water droplet bounce in ultra-slow-motion? You’d be surprised! strainoff, who made this video, explains: ‘Near the end of this clilp, you can see waves entering from the lower right. I think these are reflections of a low ... More
In: Science
‘The American dream has become a myth’

In this times of crisis in Europe, many people still believe in the so-called American Dream. But according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz in a recent interview with Der Spiegel, they shouldn’t. Stiglitz says the finance industry is to blame for the growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States, and he accuses the ... More
In: Misc.
Tesla says it will be profitable by December

I know, last month I talked about cars in Fast cars and Hollywood stars. I love powerful, stylish cars but most of all, I like them ‘green’. And the good news is, these cars sell well and Tesla will even be profitable by December, says Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Charlie White posted on Mashable: Is electric car maker Tesla a “loser” company, as ... More
In: Misc.
Skwak launches SNEAKYMOB lifestyle boutiques in China

I love everything French artist Skwak does. So much I have created a Skwak tag on this blog. I bought several of his toys and plushes, I downloaded his app on my iPhone, but I’m still looking for the umbrella (I don’t use umbrella but this one I might). From Jeremy Brautman’s Blog ‘Jeremyriad’ (including picture below): ... More
In: Toyz
Dr. Strangelove – LEGO Style!

I have a special connection with the movie Dr. Strangelove. I explain why in Dr. Strangelove: Or How I Learned The Power Of Satire. I also use to play a lot with LEGO. So yesterday, when I saw this article on BoingBoing, I had some kind of an epiphany… Using LEGO and pure genius, YouTuber XXxOPRIMExXX created this amazing stop-motion homage to the ... More
In: Movies
Fast cars and Hollywood stars

Sometimes you read CNN and an article catches your attention. It happened recently with Fast cars and Hollywood stars. Al Satterwhite is a long-time photographer who has shot for major publications and corporate clients alike. Satterwhite’s latest project, “The Racers” is a limited edition printed edition as well as a digital book stemming from his ... More
In: Movies
The Inconvenient Truth Behind the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands

I read a lot about the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands dispute but it’s hard to fully understand what this dispute really is about. Hopefully, Nick Kristof published on his blog On The Ground, an article written by Han-Yi Shaw is a Research Fellow at the Research Center for International Legal Studies, National Chengchi University, in Taipei, Taiwan. ... More
In: Misc.
The end nears for Walter White of ‘Breaking Bad’

Roger Smith, author of thrillers Dust Devils and more recently Capture, tweeted about this article from the Los Angeles Times. Vince Gilligan, creator of the brilliant Breaking Bad, talks Walter White, metaphysics and morals. Most Hollywood creative types won’t openly judge their characters. Judgment, the reasoning goes, corrupts honest, organic ... More

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