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The Sama’s dirty little secret revealed: it’s Samacaron fever!

Here is an exclusive news for all Sama lovers, something you wouldn’t have thought about, ever. Something that will surprise you and maybe even shock you. If you thought you already knew everything about the Sama, then you were wrong, something was missing. The Sama’s dirty little secret has been revealed and I think it is my duty as their creator, to let all of you know about it, as it is of high importance: the Sama are crazy about samacarons!

Unexpected, huh? They have been hiding this secret for a very long time but now the veil has been lifted. They can’t deny it no more nor pretend it is only a rumor. This declassified information has been revealed because on the occasion of the Macaron Day (a yearly event, on 20th of March), the Sama ordered (don’t ask me how they actually did it…) 10 containers of samacarons and they gave their real address: ‘Destination: World Of Sama’. This is why they got caught. They should be more careful next time…

The Sama keen interest for samacarons comes from the ages, and they are their favovite food from Earth. But samacarons are special. They sure look like the ‘Parisian macarons’: double-decker macarons filled with cream, not the Amaretti (dry macarons) from Saronno (Italy) or the excellent (moist) macarons de Boulay (east of France), but there is only one maker of samacarons in the world. His name has not been disclosed -yet- and he is the only one to know the secret recipe of the samacarons. We don’t know who the pastry chef is but we know the sender of the containers comes from France… For the moment, we don’t have the right to show you the ‘captured’ samacarons but we will soon (you know, administrative processing…).

Stay tuned, more news will be revealed about the samacarons within the next weeks.
The Sama Team is investigating! ^_^

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