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Martial Solal and Sidney Bechet have been samazed!

I like to draw some Sama everywhere I can. On a piece of paper, on photos, on CD covers… You can see some on them on this post: When I heard Hugh “Peanuts” Whalum, I closed my eyes… and on this one: Dianne Reeves: Good vibes, and Good work. This time I chose Sidney Bechet / Martial Solal Quartet Complete recordings. As a huge fan of Martial ... More
The Sama Online Show 2009 is a success!

Thanks to all of you who watched my online show yesterday! We have sent many invitations (registered, regulars, on request, newcomers…) and almost everyone could make it and connected to the server. The live feed went fine and I appreciate the many questions you asked me. Most of them were very specific and made me realized there are some experts ... More
Romy Schneider, an everlasting star has been ‘Samazed’

In February I presented you my last work, the ‘Movie Stars’ series of portraits (Cary Grant, Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery, Marlene Dietrich… Samazed!). Since then, you commented abundantly about this series and I received a lot of emails; so I think it is time to show you one of these portraits. I chose an Austrian-born German actress who also held ... More
Cary Grant, Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery, Marlene Dietrich samazed!

Last year, in December, I launched the ’60Signers for the 60th Anniversary’ initiative, and for almost two months, I have been busy meeting with every single signer who accepted to support this initiative (and they are 60!). I will come back to you with some new information about it soon, but if I mention the initiative in this post, it is ... More
Every Human Has Rights: 60 Signers for the 60th Anniversary

December 10th marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and a series of events will take place -almost- all around the world. More than ever, human rights and fundamental freedoms have to be respected but sixty years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed at Palais de Chaillot in Paris in 1948, the ... More
Will the World of Obama ever become a reality?

Two years ago, I decided to work on a portrait of Barack Obama. At this time in France, he was barely known as the Senator of Illinois, with almost no chance to win the Democratic presidential nomination against Hillary Clinton. His portrait was part (and still is) of a series of mixed media work (photos and drawings) I started in 2006 called: U.S ... More
The Sama Go Green! Series 02, Limited Edition T-shirts

I’ve been very busy lately but I got a good news for those who were –desperately, as I read on several comments- waiting for the new Sama t-shirts. Some of you had the opportunity to buy one last year during my exhibition in Paris, but they were not officially on sell before March 08. Since last week, the Sama Go Green! Series 02 T-shirtsare ... More
Apple’s iPod Touch ‘Samazed’ and CES 2008 goodies

This is my first (late?) post of 2008! I finally got a few minutes to present you the ‘gadget’ of the year: iPhone Touch. First I wanted an iPhone like almost everyone, but since I can’t take photos with it, it couldn’t replace my actual phone so I decided to wait for the next iPhone generation. Until now, I used my phone to listen ... More
Trouville has been samazed!

As you probably already know, I don’t like being on photos but I do like take photos. Then I samaze them which means I draw (using my computer or a pencil) some elements from the World Of Sama onto them. The result is like real world incorporated into a weirdo world, in black and white. Lately I came to Trouville sur Mer (Calvados, France), a ... More
JFK, Gore, Clinton and Obama into the Sama Family

I am not American as you may have already noticed without any difficulty, but a few months ago (back in September) I started to work on my new Samazed Series and my first work was about JFK, with no apparent reason besides the fact his assassination is still in everyone’s memory (well, at least mine). Then I worked on other projects and in October An ... More

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