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JFK, Gore, Clinton and Obama into the Sama Family

I am not American as you may have already noticed without any difficulty, but a few months ago (back in September) I started to work on my new Samazed Series and my first work was about JFK, with no apparent reason besides the fact his assassination is still in everyone’s memory (well, at least mine). Then I worked on other projects and in October An Inconvenient Truth was released in Europe, Al Gore was almost on every channel over here. I guess this is the reason why I decided to include him into the Samazed Series; on this work, he appears like a little genius (actually his head only) coming out of a magic lamp.

The one who introduces himself during his Inconvenient Truth tour saying: “I used to be the next president of the United States of America” has all the reasons (either good or bad) for being samazed. And so he was. Then came the Clintons, Hillary and Bill. First Hillary supported her husband and he got the White House, now, his turn. Play King (Bill) or Queen (Hillary) and you’ll get a samazed Clinton pair. And what about Barack Obama? He could be the new face of America. A big change on many points and he’s becoming a real phenomenon in the United States as well as in other countries; since part of the World of Sama can be considered like idealistic, Barack Obama could perfectly illustrate that point.

Now I have samazed a dead president, someone who may have been president, a former president and two potential ones; I’m not into politics but I’ve done a new series on ‘U.S past and wanna-be Presidents’. It might reveal my interest into -American- politics after all.

Below is the last work I did on Barack Obama.

Barack Obama / Samazed!

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