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The Sama Go Green! Series 02, Limited Edition T-shirts

I’ve been very busy lately but I got a good news for those who were –desperately, as I read on several comments- waiting for the new Sama t-shirts. Some of you had the opportunity to buy one last year during my exhibition in Paris, but they were not officially on sell before March 08. Since last week, the Sama Go Green! Series 02 T-shirtsare available on my official website. But like I already said, this is a very limited edition because I wanted the t-shirts to be ‘Green’ and I didn’t want to industrialize their process.

All tees are sustainable edition item made from certified imported 100% organic cotton, they are fair trade and made under sweatshop-free conditions with eco-friendly screen-printing materials.

Registered members on this blog have received an automated email last weekend to let them know; so just in case you are not registered -yet-, I wanted to let you know before they’re all gone 😉

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