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Goldorus, Orus, Malus, Bonass… Mist ‘The Infamous’ is in da house!

The first time I mentioned Mist on this blog was almost 2 years ago in the post: Yes, I’m a vinyl fetishist… vinyl toys actually. I was introducing those of you who didn’t know yet about vinyl toys, to the artists I appreciate the most. I later dedicated a post to Fafi and her Fafinettes (Irina’s still missing, by the way…), Mars-1 + Seen + Delta Inc., TimTsui + Alice Chan, Skwak’s Maniac and Koogai and to the Original Fake Kaws Cat Teeth Bank. Last summer I mentioned Mist’s Goldorus figure in: My Moleskine, Cary Grant, some Asti Spumante and a Goldorus, so today’s post is all about French graff artist Mist “The Infamous”and his amazing vinyl creations. As you may already know, I am not into the collector thing, buying everything an artist creates. But I must admit some artists have the power to make me buy their work, and it is a great excitement to have one of their vinyl figures on my desk. Mist, as well as Fafi, Skwak, Rolito and unfortunately for my wallet many other artists, is one of them.

Mist is a prolific artist and he created many vinyl figures: Malus (Kaki, Sand, Blue), Malus Kubrick (Kaki and Chrome), Bonass (Flesh, Pink, GITD), Bonass Kubrick, Orus (Black, Pink, Red and the new Brown Nubuk edition), Goldorus (Original, Dark and Color Version 2008), several Be@rbrick, Dunny and mini Dunny and last but not least, the Débilz collection. Enough to spend a lot of money… But fortunately, I am not fond of every figures he made, especially the Bonass ones (it might be some kind of feminist recollection) but Malus, Orus and Goldorus are definitely ‘must haves’. One of my favorite is Goldorus in its Dark version, an homage to the old-school Japanese Grandizer. It is 11.0″, with exploding fists and two axes. Goldorus has no reason to feel ashamed next to my Mazinger Z. I also have the Be@rbrick Secret Series 11 and I am thinking of buying the Goldorus Color Version 2008. I am also very interested in the Black Orus and some of the artist’s paintings… See, the ‘collector thing’ is hard to restrain!

Anyway. If you want to know more about Mist, visit his website.

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